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At FARAG LAW, our experienced team of business and corporate lawyers are here to support your company, whether it’s a partnership or corporation.  We understand the intricacies of your business operations and prioritize learning about your short-term and long-term goals, as well as your concerns.

FARAG LAW provides comprehensive representation and operational guidance in the following areas:

  • Business Formation, Structuring, & Governance:We assist in the formation and structuring of businesses, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and providing guidance on corporate governance best practices.
  • Shareholder & Partnership Agreements:Our team assists in drafting and analyzing shareholder and partnership agreements, ensuring that the rights and responsibilities of all parties are clearly defined and protected.
  • Contract Drafting & Review:We offer professional contract drafting and review services to safeguard your business interests and ensure that agreements are fair, enforceable, and aligned with your goals.
  • Rights of Shareholders & PartnersFARAG LAW protects the rights of shareholders and partners, offering legal guidance and representation in matters such as voting rights, dividends, and decision-making processes.
  • Labor & Employment Issues:Our lawyers assist with labor and employment matters, including employee contracts, compliance with employment laws, and resolving disputes to maintain a productive work environment.
  • Purchase & Sale of Businesses:We provide guidance and legal support in the purchase and sale of businesses, helping you navigate negotiations, due diligence, contract drafting, and closing procedures.
  • Disputes & Litigation:In the unfortunate event of business disputes or litigation, FARAG LAW’s skilled litigators are prepared to represent your interests, seeking efficient and favorable resolutions through negotiation or litigation.

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